Wiesberg, a brand wanted by Unical for the German market back in 1994, with a past in the domestic gas sector, then established itself in the professional sector mainly on foreign markets, due to its characteristics of extreme sobriety and concreteness.


One of the primary objectives nowadays is the protection of our planet. It is necessary for everyone to adopt solutions that allow to obtain efficient services and performances with low environmental impact.


Wiesberg pellet and wood fired products want to represent the best way to combine simplicity, innovation and well-being for our daily life, while fully respecting the environment in which we live.


The concreteness of the Wiesberg product range is increasingly ecological thanks to the intelligent use of resources with low environmental impact. The Biomass term indicates, in fact, those materials of organic / vegetable origin that have not undergone fossilization processes.


Our brand is committed to protect the environment by raising awareness among its public and the sector professionals towards an ever greater active awareness. Remember you too to respect the planet in order to ensure a better future for everyone.


Since 2021, Wiesberg has become an integral part of the project involving the UNICAL BIOENERGY Division, which focuses on renewable resources.


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